Dr. Dan Galat, MD

Dr. Dan Galat, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon


  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery


  • Medical Doctor, Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health 
  • Residency in Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Fellowship Training

  • Fellowship in Joint Replacement, Mayo  Clinic Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Dan Galat is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in adult reconstructive joint replacement surgery at Phoenix Spine and Joint Scottsdale and Goodyear. Dr. Galat is recognized as a leader in minimally invasive robotic assisted hip and knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Galat received his medical doctor’s degree at Ohio State University. He completed residency training and his fellowship in joint replacement at the Mayo Clinic; recognized as one of the highest quality and most prestigious institutions in the world, which trains only the very top applicants.





Dr. Dan Galat is a board certified orthopedic surgeon in Scottsdale Arizona who is fellowship trained to specialize in minimally invasive, robotic assisted joint replacement of the knee and hip, as well as joint replacement of the shoulder.

Dr. Galat performs the anterior approach for minimally invasivetotal hip replacement. The small incision for this approach is on the front of the hip by the groin. Patients can walk immediately after the procedure, which is done on an outpatient basis. By having outpatient surgery patients avoid the risk of Covid-19 and other hospital acquired infections, hospital errors, as well as higher risk of deep venous thrombosis. Recovery take 2-3 weeks; and best of all, once recovered, patients have no restrictions. The minimally invasive anterior total hip replacementapproach Dr. Galat performs incorporates the Stryker Mako robotic system. The two main advantages of Mako robotic hip replacement are 1) by creating a 3D computer generated model of your hip from a CT scan the software assists Dr. Galat in picking the perfectly sized implants, that speeds recovery after total hip replacement and makes for a better long term outcome with less pain; and 2) the Mako robotic arms assists Dr. Galat in surgery, providing superhuman accuracy for making the cuts necessary for a snug fit for your implants. 

Dr. Galat also performs a minimally invasive, tissue sparing total knee replacement using the Stryker Mako robot. The Mako total knee replacement robot assists Dr. Galat in picking the perfect sized implants, and to drill and make cuts with robotic accuracy.

Dr. Galant also performs total shoulder replacement. The efficacy of this procedure has greatly increased in recent years as surgeons have learned about the proper indications. In particular, people with end stage arthritis and rotator cuff tears require a reverse total shoulder replacement instead of the traditional anatomic total shoulder replacement.


Conditions Treated

Knee pain; knee arthritis; hip pain; hip arthritis; avascular necrosis; congenital anomalies


Procedures Performed

Minimally invasive robotic assisted TOTAL knee replacement

Minimally invasive robotic assisted PARTIAL knee replacement

Anterior robotic assisted total hip replacement

Total shoulder replacement