Achilles tendon rupture is scary. We can help.

Achilles tendon rupture is scary. We can help. 1000 750 Phoenix Spine & Joint

The second your Achilles tendon ruptures it seems like you were kicked in the heel, but minutes later you may feel like you were punched in the gut. Inability to use your foot properly makes you feel helpless and frightened you will never walk well again. You should know that with minimally invasive repair of your Achilles at Phoenix Spine and Joint in a timely fashion you can expect not only to walk, but to do compete. For examples of what is possible, look at some of the famous athletes who have experienced the same thing.

NBA superstar Kevin Durant said that the moment he tore his Achilles “My entire basketball life flashed before my eyes.” After he hobbled to the locker room and was evaluated by the training staff the Achilles tear was apparent. The second thing Durant thought was “Allright, man, let me figure out when I can get surgery.” A decade ago, NBA legend Kobe Bryant experienced the same thing. As elite athletes Bryant and Durant had access to surgery right away. Kobe returned to play and continued to be a dominant force on the court. After ten months of intensive rehabilitation Durant received more votes than anyone else for the Eastern Conference All Star team this year and is the team captain.

Tiger Woods is famous for his back problems, but did you know Tiger tore his left Achilles in 2007, then his right one in 2008? Woods went on to win several major tournaments which included the Masters despite these and other injuries.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback and former number one NFL draft pick Joe Burrow suffered an Achilles tendon tear last year. Burrow was back in the gym six weeks later and on the field doing strength training after ten weeks. Burrow is on track to return to play this year.

Achilles tendon repair surgery is usually performed by a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery. The key is to find a surgeon who is available right away, and practices minimally invasive surgery. Meet Dr. Zachary Flynn, DPM, a podiatrist in Phoenix, AZ:

surgery is done as an outpatient in our ambulatory surgery centers, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to the SARS COV-2 virus and getting COVID at a hospital. You will be placed under anesthesia during surgery, so you won’t feel any pain. During the procedure the ends of your Achilles tendon will be sutured back together. If you report to us right after the injury, before the torn ends have separated far apart in your ankle, then you will be a good candidate for surgery with a small incision and a minimally invasive technique. If you wait too long then the edges of the torn tendon will retract, and you will not be a candidate for minimally invasive surgery.

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If you tear your Achilles tendon, call us right away. We can help. Our staff will connect you with a surgeon, prepare for surgery, and even work with your insurance company. We will work to arrange your minimally invasive surgical repair within days. The sooner your tendon is repaired the easier the surgery will be and the better your will do.