Liverpool Andy Robertson’s Ankle Injury: Promising Signs

Liverpool Andy Robertson’s Ankle Injury: Promising Signs 850 510 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Liverpool Andy Robertson will be out for the start of the Premier League after suffering what appeared to be a lateral right ankle sprain. On Monday, the team announced that the MRI confirmed the left-back sustained ligament damage, but there was no word to the injury extent.
However, the Scottish reassured the public it was a minor injury.
“(The) scan suggests nothing too major but there’s some ligament damage which will need to be mend.
“I will be grafting every day so I can help the team again sooner rather than later. Good luck to the boys playing tonight.”
The left-back likely suffered a grade 1 or 2 lateral ankle sprain, which could take a little over a week or anywhere from two to three weeks.
There are some promising signs Robertson will likely return in a matter of weeks; He was able to walk on his ankle using a boot and one crutch, and he sustained just one ankle injury that sidelined him for 11 days in November of 2019.
But one must not overlook the 2019 ankle injury. Robertson told the public he had to sit out to address his nagging ankle injury so that it didn’t become an injury that put him out for months.
The highest risk factor of an ankle injury is a previous ankle sprain. Robertson has experienced what it’s like to play on a hurt ankle and realizes the consequences of an early return. Then to add, the left-back position — tackling, changing of directions, and intersecting crosses and shots — demands a lot on a healthy ankle.
Robertson will likely miss more than one game to fully rehab the ankle and decrease his chances of another injury too early in the season.
Liverpool FC will face Norwich City on Saturday (8/14) at 12:30 p.m. EDT.
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