Are knee replacements effective?

Are knee replacements effective?

Are knee replacements effective? 1024 683 Phoenix Spine & Joint

At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our team members are often asked the question, “Are knee replacements effective?” We’re happy to answer this question with a resounding, “Yes!” In fact, knee replacement surgery can be more effective than many patients believe.

How effective are knee replacements?

Medical research is showing that knee replacements are very effective. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, about 90 percent of knee replacement patients experience significant reductions in knee pain after their surgery. The reports also show that the majority of patients also regain their ability to perform common daily tasks following surgery.

At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our numbers are even better. In fact, our patients report a nearly 100 percent satisfaction with their surgeries. These numbers are possible thanks to the robotic-assisted knee surgery we offer. This surgery is more effective than traditional knee replacement because it is much more precise. It also uses smaller incisions, better protects adjacent tissue and may offer a significantly shorter recovery period.

What sort of activities will you be able to do after knee replacement surgery?

Before you have a knee replacement, the pain and loss of mobility may keep you from doing even basic household chores. However, most patients will regain their ability to do daily activities around the house after their surgery. For instance, you may be able to stand at the sink to wash the dishes again. You may also be able to run the vacuum cleaner without pain. Patients may even be able to get back to outside chores like mowing the lawn.

Also, the activities you may be able to do aren’t limited to chores around the house. You’ll likely be able to take long walks around the neighborhood again. You should also be able to do fun activities like swim, golf and ride a bike. In fact, most patients will be able to take part in most forms of low-impact activities.

However, there are still some high-impact activities you should avoid after your surgery. For instance, you should limit your running and jogging. You also want to avoid doing activities that require jumping. All these and other high-impact activities should be limited because they may cause excessive wear and tear on your knee implant.

Phoenix Spine & Joint is here to help people with knee pain

If you’re looking for the most effective knee replacement to relieve knee pain, our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint is here to help. We can even help you decide if robotic-assisted knee surgery is right for you when traditional knee surgery has been recommended.
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