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Driving and Crying: How to Ease Your Back Pain
Driving and Crying: How to Ease Your Back Pain PS&J Admin

Riding in the car can be a pain in the back. Even though your back is not moving while you drive, a person’s posture while sitting in a car seat…

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Myths About Back Pain
Myths About Back Pain PS&J Admin

Myths are often rooted in some truth. The same holds true for myths about back pain. There are plenty of differing opinions on back pain, but how do you know…

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J. Marsteen
J. Marsteen PS&J Admin

Outstanding surgeon and an incredible person. Compassionate , kind, and incredibly intelligent. I wouldn’t trust any other surgeon to work on my spine. Thank you for giving me my life…

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Marilee Downing
Marilee Downing PS&J Admin

I had lived with pain for well over a year. I had back surgery 15 years ago on 3 vertebra and it took me 9 months to recuperate from it.…

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Cristye Brown
Cristye Brown PS&J Admin

My surgery was in December and I’m happy to report no leg pain has returned, my toes are not numb, and I can function with my family! Dr Lieberman is…

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Kiandre Sterns
Kiandre Sterns PS&J Admin

Dr. Lieberman is by far the best doctor I have ever had and I have already recommended him to four people I went to physical therapy with and would recommend…

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Cheryl Klaas
Cheryl Klaas PS&J Admin

After years of back pain, steroid shots, epidurals, platelet replacement therapy, chiropractic, and physical therapy, Dr. Lieberman provided an accurate diagnosis and relieved my pain. He did a minimally invasive…

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Life After Spinal Surgery
Life After Spinal Surgery PS&J Admin

Are you about to go in for spinal surgery? Even if you’re just considering it, you are probably wondering what your life after spinal surgery will look like. The first…

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What to Expect When Getting an MRI Scan
What to Expect When Getting an MRI Scan PS&J Admin

What is an MRI scan? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a machine that uses magnetic fields to produce an image of your body. An MRI scan is particularly great at…

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Back Pain: Are Shoes the Solution?
Back Pain: Are Shoes the Solution? PS&J Admin

Can the right shoes help your back pain? You’ve probably heard all kinds of claims. Most of them might sound something like this. “Your feet are your foundation. If that’s…

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Should I Exercise When My Back Hurts?
Should I Exercise When My Back Hurts? PS&J Admin

We’ve heard it a million times. Rest is the key to healing an injury. That’s true, but when it comes to backaches, there is actually a danger in getting too…

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My Lower Back Hurts What Do I Do?
My Lower Back Hurts What Do I Do? PS&J Admin

The first thing to do when your lower back begins to hurt is to close your eyes. Take a deep, cleansing breath. As you exhale repeat the following mantra to…

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