What does Diana Taurasi’s Sternum Injury Mean?

What does Diana Taurasi’s Sternum Injury Mean? 634 464 Phoenix Spine & Joint

What does Diana Taurasi’s Sternum Injury Mean?

The Phoenix Mercury announced Diana Taurasi would be out at least four weeks on Tuesday after a CT scan confirmed a ‘small’ sternum fracture. She initially picked up the injury against the Connecticut Sun on May 16 but played through it.

A sternum fracture is a rare injury that occurs from a direct blow to the chest or after a fall. With this injury, one may experience pain along their chest, discomfort that becomes aggravated by deep breathing and coughing, and tenderness. The seriousness of this injury is dependent on associated injuries, such as spinal or rib fractures, lung bruises, or cardiac-related issues. However, if it’s solely a sternal fracture, which Taurasi suffered, the outlook is excellent.

A majority (95%) of these sternal injuries will heal without surgery. Pain medication may be used due to pain while breathing. For some, a corset may help to support the chest area and ease discomfort. But, with all fractures, resting and letting the bone heal is most important.

Taurasi’s Rehab Timetable
Although the timetable says four weeks, it will take some time to build the upper body strength and overall endurance. Because many muscles attach along the chest to do activities — such as dribbling, passing, or running — Taurasi will likely focus more on leg work to stay active. And with the sternum having direct attachments to the ribs, which assists with breathing, she will need to find the right balance to maintain endurance while doing cardiac exercises.

For Mercury’s second-leading scorer, Taurasi will not only miss part of the WNBA season but there may be questions about her availability for the Olympics expected to start on July 24.

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