how long is knee replacement surgery

How long does knee replacement surgery take?

How long does knee replacement surgery take? 1000 523 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Knee replacement surgery comes in many forms. However, minimally invasive knee procedures are a good choice to help people with knee pain. Such procedures typically take less time to complete than traditional knee replacements. 

What is a robotic knee replacement surgery?

In the past, surgeons used traditional knee replacements to help treat arthritic knee joints. However, this procedure often involved an 8-to-10-inch incision in the knee, and this led to issues such as high blood loss. 

Robotic knee replacements are a growing trend in the treatment of knee arthritis. These advanced procedures use special tools and techniques that reduce the size of the incision. In fact, most minimally invasive replacements can be done with an incision of about 4 inches, which is half the size of a traditional surgery incision. However, the minimally invasive surgical method still allows surgeons to replace an entire, arthritis-damaged knee joint.  

How long does a total knee replacement surgery take?

When you’re having surgery, it’s important to know how long the procedure is likely to take. This is because more time spent in surgery can increase the risk of surgical complications. For instance, longer surgeries mean more anesthetic must be used, and this can increase your risk of having a negative reaction to the anesthetic. 

However, the risks of developing such complications is reduced by minimally invasive knee replacement procedures. This is because they tend to take less time to complete than traditional replacements. Most minimally invasive replacements take about 80 minutes according to an article published by the University of Washington.

Find minimally invasive knee replacement at Phoenix Spine & Joint

If you’ve been told traditional knee replacement surgery is the only option for you, it’s time to consider getting a second opinion. Our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint has the knowledge and experience to help you get an informed second opinion. We have helped thousands of patients with minimally invasive knee replacement, and our minimally invasive procedure are designed to provide benefits such as: 

  • Reduced knee pain
  • Decreased blood loss
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less time in surgery
  • Faster recovery

We also offer patients the peace of mind that stems from our 99% patient satisfaction rating and our nearly 0% post-surgical infection rate.

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