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How long is the recovery time for hip replacement surgery?

How long is the recovery time for hip replacement surgery? 1000 667 Phoenix Spine & Joint

The hip is one of the most active joints in the body. However, this also means that this joint is susceptible to the degradation of osteoarthritis. While surgery isn’t usually the first choice for osteoarthritis treatment, it may be necessary if noninvasive options are no longer working for you. If you’re considering hip replacement surgery, it’s a good idea to know some basic information about this procedure, such as what’s involved and how long the recovery time is.

What’s involved in hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is also called total hip replacement, and this procedure is designed to replace the two major components of the hip in several basic steps. First, an incision is made to access the hip joint. The damaged femur head is then removed and replaced with a precisely designed artificial implant.

Next, the damaged bone of the hip socket is removed, and an artificial socket implant is placed. A plastic spacer is inserted inside the artificial socket, and the ball of the femoral implant is placed in the artificial socket. The incision is then closed. 

What is the typical hip replacement surgery recovery time?

The recovery time for hip replacement surgery is heavily dependent on the type of surgery you have. Traditional hip surgery involves the cutting of muscles and tendons, and this trauma takes longer to recover from. 

On the other hand, minimally invasive anterior hip procedures do much less damage to the soft tissue around the hip, and this means you could be walking short distances with a walker the same day as your surgery. With anterior replacement, you’re also typically ready to resume normal low-impact activities three to six weeks after surgery. This includes things like walking around the house and driving. 

Phoenix Spine & Joint offers high-quality anterior total hip replacement

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  • Less post-surgical pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Faster recovery times
  • Reduced soft tissue damage
  • Lower chance of post-surgery dislocation

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