Is spinal fusion a major surgery

Is spinal fusion a major surgery?

Is spinal fusion a major surgery? 826 1000 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Any type of surgery should be considered a major undertaking, and spinal fusion is no exception. Our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint knows spinal fusion is a major surgery for several reasons.

Why spinal fusion is considered a major surgery

At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our surgical team uses the latest minimally invasive techniques when performing spinal fusion. However, this doesn’t change the fact that spinal fusion is a major surgery.

One reason this is true is our spinal fusion surgery still requires us to make an incision in your back, though this incision is typically smaller than those used in traditional surgeries. Also, minimally invasive spinal fusion is performed under general anesthetic since it’s major surgery. A third reason we consider this procedure major surgery is bone and other tissue is removed from your body, and this causes a certain amount of trauma. Finally, spinal fusion may also require attaching rods, screws and other hardware to your spine to achieve the best results.

How is our minimally invasive spinal fusion performed?

Our Phoenix Spine & Joint team is committed to making spinal fusion a major surgery that’s less invasive. To accomplish this, our team uses minimally invasive techniques when performing a spinal fusion.

The process of our minimally invasive procedure is fairly straightforward. Our surgeon will make a small incision over the vertebrae being fused. Then, the cartilage and other soft tissue are removed from the space between the vertebrae. Soft tissue may also be removed from the facet joint as well. Next, the surface of the bone will be roughened to facilitate natural fusion during healing, and screws, rods and other hardware will be placed in the spine to limit movement.

Phoenix Spine & Joint can help you find minimally invasive spinal surgery

Spinal fusion is a major type of surgery, and Phoenix Spine & Joint wants to help you with this surgery. Our surgical team has performed hundreds of minimally invasive spinal fusions, and we have experience using them to help many patients reduce their back pain.

We also offer other, even more minimally invasive options for some back problems. If you’ve been told you need a spinal fusion, why not talk to our experienced team to see if there are other options available to you?

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