How Long Could Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown Be Out?

How Long Could Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown Be Out? 1024 828 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Jaylen Brown’s Ankle Injury Update:
May  4 2021 – The Boston Celtics’ loss against the Portland Trailblazers was a scare after all-star guard Jaylen Brown hopped off the court. Celtics coach Stevens announced that Brown has suffered a right ankle sprain and will not play Wednesday against Orlando Magic.
The right ankle injury came after Brown collided with teammate Jayson Tatum to intersect an inbound pass. Tatum walked off the court, but Brown could not put any weight on his right ankle.
Coach Steven said Brown’s injury is ‘very much day-to-day’ with no further information on the ankle injury severity.
“Depending on the severity, lateral ankle sprains can take anywhere from a week to two months, if severe” says Taiwo Adeshigbin, an Orthopedic Certified Physical Therapist with Phoenix Spine and Joint. “For someone who has had previous ankle sprains, the time frame could be even longer because the ligaments have lost their strength to provide support”.
Brown, who is no stranger to ankle sprains, first injured his right ankle on January 22, 2020. He reinjured the right ankle a month later, followed by another left ankle sprain in that same month.
With Brown’s history, spraining his ankle three to four times in a short timeframe last year, it’s clear that ankle stability is a concern. Last season, he taped both of his ankles just to provide his ankle support.
Taping or bracing is one of many ways to prevent another ankle injury. But to fully recover, one must be sure to warm up, stretch, strengthen the ankle and legs, and complete balance training.
An ankle sprain may seem minor, but if not addressed appropriately, it could lead to further instability and arthritis in the long run.
Given Brown’s ankle injury history, it makes sense for the Celtics to take additional caution managing this injury. When Brown returns, he will certainly have taped up ankles to help Celtics make a playoff run.