Finding out that the knee pain you are experiencing is caused by osteoarthritis can be upsetting to say the least. Thankfully, at Phoenix Spine & Joint we offer leading edge non-surgical and robotic assisted surgical options to address your chronic knee pain.

Meeting with one of our board certified surgeons can help determine which treatment options are best for your individual needs.

Many patients seeking a knee replacement are pleasantly surprised to discover that non-surgical treatments including regenerative therapies often help alleviate or lessen knee pain significantly, allowing patients to delay the need for knee replacement surgery.

Generally speaking, patients should have knee replacement after they have exhausted “conservative” treatment options, at which point surgery can:

• Relieve knee pain
• Improve stability
• Improve alignment
• Correct bone deformity
• Increase quality of life
• Provide better function

If after meeting with one of our board certified orthopedic surgeons, you discover that a total knee replacement is indeed the best option for your particular condition, you can take comfort in knowing that the surgeons at Phoenix Spine & Joint use the NAVIO Surgical System, which employs leading edge robotic assisted techniques to help ensure that you have the best outcome from your knee replacement surgery.

Robotic Assisted Total knee Replacement

At Phoenix Spine & Joint our surgeons use the NAVIO Surgical System surgeon to correctly size and position the total knee implant with computer and robotic assistance.
Computer assistance is used to collect the unique shape and motion of your knee to
virtually plan the procedure. Robotic assistance is used to accurately perform the
procedure. The extra layer of planning and precision provided by the NAVIO system aims
to ensure the procedure is performed exactly as your surgeon intends. It is important to note that the NAVIO surgical system does not actually perform your surgery, rather it is a tool that assists your surgeon by providing a greater degree of accuracy and precision