April 24, 2015 7:14 pm

By: Dr. Daniel Lieberman M.D.

Phoenix Spine Surgery Center has officially opened its doors to our new outpatient facility in Goodyear, Arizona and is ready to get you get back in the game with our minimally invasive surgery techniques.

Formerly known as Arizona Center for Neurosurgery, we made the shift to Phoenix Spine Surgery Center because we found the only way to provide the optimal experience for our patients was to move to the outpatient setting. I felt that it was necessary to have a specialized facility equipped with a clinic, injection suite, operating rooms, and dedicated staff. Since this did not exist, we decided to create it.

Why are we doing all this? Because we believe that when the world is broken it is our responsibility to use our experience, science and technology to heal it. We know the best result requires the least invasive approach. And we are laser focused on only one area: relieving our patients’ pain due to spinal disorders. For example, for patients with painful joints in the back, Direct Visual Rhizotomy (DVR) is an endoscopic alternative to fusion that turns off the pain in less than an hour, requires only a day or two for recovery, and has a very low risk of complications or side effects.

When creating Phoenix Spine Surgery Center, we knew we had to focus on the struggle with pain that our patients live through. We know many people are afraid, or even skeptical of spine surgery. Our approach allows you to come in for a test block — an injection that numbs the source of the pain for a few hours— so you can immediately see what how you would feel if you had surgery. What is so great about our center is how quickly we work to relieve your back pain. Traditional methods can take up to 6 weeks and leave you in discomfort during that time; however, our method allows us to evaluate, test, and complete minimally invasive spine surgery within days of first contact.