Mako total knee replacement at Phoenix Spine & Joint

Mako total knee replacement at Phoenix Spine & Joint 150 150 Phoenix Spine & Joint

The knee is the largest joint in our bodies, so its not surprising arthritis can make your life miserable. Total knee replacement has been used for decades to relieve knee pain due to arthritis. Now stryker has given us the Mako Rototic total knee replacement platform to make life easier and less painful.
How painful is a total knee replacement? Before robotic assistance total knee replacement was known as a very painful procedure. That legacy pain came from two sources: pain from the surgery itself, as well as pain getting used to your new implants. Times have changed. Robotic assisted knee replacement surgery is not very painful because 1) the robot protects and limits the amount of soft tissue exposed in surgery; and 2) the surgeon can use artificial intelligence to pick the perfect sized implants every time, so there is no need to get used to them, they fit when you get them.
How long does it take to recover from a total knee replacement? The total knee replacement recovery time when the surgery is done with robotic assistance is a few weeks. Robotic total knee replacement surgery takes 45 – 60 min; can be done as an outpatient without hospitalization; you walk with a walker for a few days but should be able to walk by yourself in a week or two; and are fully recovered in several weeks.
What is the newest procedure for knee replacement? The newest procedure for knee replacement is the use of robotic assistance. The process begins by getting a CT scan which allows the computer to make a 3d model of your knee. During surgery the surgeon uses the robot to register the plan to your actual knee. The robot give the surgeon super-human accuracy to drill out the disease and prepare your knee for the perfectly sized implant.