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Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery vs. traditional hip surgery

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Hip replacement surgery may be the best treatment option for people suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis or a hip fracture. Hip replacement surgery is usually a last-resort option for treatment because it can be an invasive procedure. However, advancements in medicine have led to the development of anterior hip replacement surgery, which is a minimally invasive option.

Both anterior hip replacement surgery and traditional hip replacement surgery share the same goal of replacing damaged cartilage and bones in the hip with an artificial joint. The approach they take though is what’s different.

Anterior hip replacement surgery

In anterior hip replacement, your surgeon approaches the hip joint from the front. The incision in this surgery is a bit smaller than in traditional hip replacement surgery, but that’s not the reason it’s minimally invasive.

Anterior hip replacement surgery is minimally invasive because it doesn’t require cutting through your muscles. Cutting your muscles to get to the hip bone is what causes recovery times to be longer than necessary in traditional hip replacement surgery procedures.

Anterior hip replacement surgery isn’t as common as traditional hip replacement surgery because it is newer, and not very many surgeons have adequate training or experience to do it well. Accessing the hip from the front offers a more limited view of the hip joint, but a skilled and experienced surgeon will know how to perform this procedure without higher risk of complications.

Traditional hip replacement surgery

Traditional hip replacement surgery accesses the hip joint from the back. This procedure is more common because it’s been done for decades, and is easier to perform. However, the procedure causes damage to your muscles that makes recovery longer and more painful, and can compromise you long term results.

Which hip surgery should you choose?

It’s less about choosing the procedure than it is about choosing the right place to have the best surgery for you. Anterior hip replacement surgery is less invasive, has much faster recovery time, and can produce a better long-term result. But you need a skilled surgeon with extensive experience for this procedure. If you are interested in this minimally invasive option, you should find surgeons who are experienced in it, such as our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint.

Our surgeons have performed hundreds of anterior hip replacement surgeries. You can trust our experience and expertise when it comes to this fantastic new procedure.

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If you’re been told you need a hip replacement, but your doctor does not offer anterior hip replacement, it may still be the best option for you. Contact us today to ask any questions you may have about anterior hip replacement surgery or to schedule your free second opinion.