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Minimally invasive spine surgery is near you in Phoenix, AZ

Minimally invasive spine surgery is near you in Phoenix, AZ 1000 584 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Back pain is a common type of pain for people in this country. A report from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) reveals that more than 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some time in their lives. If you live in or near Phoenix, Arizona, finding minimally invasive spine surgery near you is a lot easier than you may think. 

What is minimally invasive spine surgery?

Minimally invasive spine surgery uses specific tools and techniques, and these are intended to help reduce soft tissue damage during surgery and speed up recovery times after surgery. For instance, many such surgeries use a tool called a tubular retractor. This device is a small, hollow tube, and it’s used to gently move the back muscles aside during surgery. By moving the muscles aside rather than cutting them, surgeons can reduce damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue.

Endoscopes are another tool used in many minimally invasive spine procedures. An endoscope is a thin, flexible wire that has a small camera and a light at the end. This tool is typically put into the back through a tubular retractor, and it allows the surgeon to directly view the operation site. It’s also designed to eliminate the need to cut through soft tissue in order to get a view of the part of the spine being operated on. 

What benefits can this type of surgery offer?

As you may have realized, there’s at least one benefit that minimally invasive spine surgery offers This is the fact that it’s intended to help reduce soft tissue damage during surgery. However, such procedures may also offer several other benefits. 

For instance, minimally invasive surgeries tend to take less time, and this means you won’t be under the anesthetic for as long. They’re also intended to remove the cause of your back pain. In addition, minimally invasive procedures are designed to decrease the risk of post-surgical infection. They’re also often performed on an outpatient basis, and this means many patients return to work soon after their surgery. 

Phoenix Spine & Joint offers several types of minimally invasive spine surgery near you

At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our team believes in minimally invasive spine surgery. We believe that anyone who is told they need traditional surgery should consider seeking a second opinion. Our team offers several types of minimally invasive procedures, including:

We’ve helped thousands of patients find the minimally invasive surgery that best fits their needs, and we have a nearly 100% patient satisfaction rating. Our team has also worked hard to achieve a nearly 0% post-surgical infection rate. 

Take the next step to find relief from your pain. Contact one of our care specialists today for more information or to schedule a free second opinion.