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Recovery after minimally invasive hip replacement surgery

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Being told you need hip replacement surgery is probably the last news you want to hear when you’ve been living with hip pain. Hip surgery is a major procedure that is typically painful and requires a lot of time for recovery. However, minimally invasive anterior hip replacement surgery offers the same results as traditional hip replacement surgery, but with less pain and a shorter recovery time.

Anterior hip replacement surgery accesses the hip joint from the front, which reduces the need to cut through muscles and soft tissues. There are challenges with this type of surgery though. Because the procedure accesses your hip from the front, your surgeon’s view is more limited. The surgeon must be highly skilled and experienced with this newer approach, which is why anterior hip replacement surgery is less common than posterior hip replacement surgery.

How long does it take to recover from anterior hip replacement surgery?

Recovery time for hip replacement surgery varies with each person depending on personal factors like age, weight and medical history. It could take six weeks or more to recover from hip replacement surgery. With anterior hip replacement surgery, you should go home after surgery, avoiding the risks of a hospital stay, and should regain use of your hip sooner than you would from traditional hip replacement surgery.

While you’re recovering, your doctor may recommend therapy. Physical therapists can guide you through exercises and activities that help you rebuild the strength, flexibility and mobility of your hip. They can also instruct you on how to use canes, walkers or crutches, so you can safely get around while recovering.

It’s also important for you to look out for the signs of infection. An infection can have significant negative effects on the results of your surgery. At Phoenix Spine & Joint, we’re proud to have a near zero percent infection rate after all of our procedures. Still, you should be aware of the symptoms of infection to know if you need to get help.

Symptoms of infection include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Drainage of fluid
  • Fever higher than 100 degrees
  • Chills

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Our surgeons at Phoenix Spine & Joint strive to perform minimally invasive surgeries, like anterior hip replacement, that improve your results and reduce recovery times. Are you suffering from chronic and severe hip pain? Anterior hip replacement surgery from our skilled and experienced surgeons may be exactly what you need. If you have been told you may need hip replacement surgery, contact our team today to ask us any questions you may have about anterior hip replacement surgery or to schedule your free second opinion.