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Sleeping with Back Pain
Sleeping with Back Pain Phoenix Spine & Joint

Is there anything more important than sleep? Not if you’re not getting any. I see so many people with back pain who are cranky, exhausted, sad, frustrated, and mad —…

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Traveling with back pain
Traveling With Back Pain
Traveling With Back Pain 445 600 Phoenix Spine & Joint

It’s that time of year again when we all pack into the car or on a plane to spend time with our friends and family. But traveling with back pain…

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Misuse of Epidural Steroid Injections
Misuse of Epidural Steroid Injections Phoenix Spine & Joint

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis and have received epidural steroid injections to help relieve the joint pain caused by these conditions? If so, it is time for…

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National Arthritis Month
National Arthritis Month Phoenix Spine & Joint

In honor of National Arthritis Month, I’d like to share —and hopefully clear up— some of the misconceptions on arthritis of the spine. Back pain due to spinal arthritis is…

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Introducing Phoenix Spine & Joint – Goodyear, AZ
Introducing Phoenix Spine & Joint – Goodyear, AZ 707 378 Phoenix Spine & Joint

By: Dr. Daniel Lieberman M.D. Phoenix Spine Surgery Center has officially opened its doors to our new outpatient facility in Goodyear, Arizona and is ready to get you get back…

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What is Cervical Stenosis?
What is Cervical Stenosis? 150 150 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Cervical Stenosis occurs during the aging process and causes the spinal canal to narrow in the neck. This occurs in many people who never become aware of it. But in…

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