benefits of anterior hip replacement

Three benefits of the anterior hip replacement approach

Three benefits of the anterior hip replacement approach 1000 884 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Hip replacements are typically performed to treat patients with debilitating hip arthritis. They can also be used to help repair hip joints injured in car accidents, for example. In most cases, this procedure involves the replacement of the ball of the thigh bone and the hip socket. There are several ways this procedure can be performed, but there are three benefits the anterior hip replacement approach can offer that aren’t offered by other methods. 

  1. Reduced soft tissue damage

One important benefit the anterior hip replacement approach is intended to offer is a reduction in soft tissue damage. Soft tissue helps hold your hip in place, and this tissue also helps the hip move and provides it with support and stability. This soft tissue includes structures like muscles, tendons and ligaments. In other types of hip surgery, these structures are cut to gain access to the hip joint, but anterior hip replacement is designed to keep joint-supporting soft tissue as intact as possible. 

2.   Lower chance of dislocation

Post-surgical dislocation is a risk with any hip replacement surgery. A dislocation occurs when the artificial femur ball implant pops out of the socket implant, and this can cause a lot of damage to the hip. It can also lead to a high level of pain for the patient.

Anterior hip replacement is intended to help reduce this risk by keeping the supporting soft tissue of the hip intact. Also, patients who have anterior replacement surgery may not have as many movement restrictions after surgery.

3.   Faster recovery time

Thanks to the lower amount of soft tissue trauma, the anterior hip replacement approach can lead to a faster recovery. The procedure is often performed at an outpatient surgery center, and this means that you may be able to return home the same day as your surgery. Also, patients who have this surgery are often mobile sooner. In fact, most patients should be able to walk short distances with a walker just a few hours after surgery. 

Phoenix Spine & Joint uses the anterior hip replacement approach

Our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint wants to help patients find the most effective hip procedure, and this is why we use minimally invasive anterior hip replacement. We’ve helped thousands of patients get the benefits that this surgery is designed to offer. You may be anxious about having hip surgery, but we hope our 99% patient satisfaction rating and nearly 0% post-surgical infection rate will help ease your anxiety. 

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