Services We Offer:

    • Direct Visual Rhizotomy
      Direct Visual Rhizotomy (DVR) is an endoscopic, ultra-minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of low back pain caused by arthritic or injured joints in the low back. The goal of direct visual rhizotomy is to silence your back pain by cutting the nerve root branches which transmit the pain signal. The idea is similar to a root canal. Like some nerves in the mouth, the single nerve that goes to each of your facet joints in the spine only exists for one reason: to transmit pain signals. While the joint itself is so tiny it cannot be repaired, we can sever the nerve, so you don’t have to feel the associated pain.


    • Epidural Injection
      This injection procedure is performed to relieve low back and radiating leg pain. Steroid medication can reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by spinal conditions.


    • Lumbar Laminectomy
      This procedure relieves pressure on the nerve roots in the spine. It is most commonly performed to relieve the pain of stenosis. This is a narrowing of the spinal canal that is often caused by the formation of bony growths that can press against the nerve roots. The surgeon may treat one or more vertebrae.


    • Medial Branch Block
      This diagnostic procedure is performed to identify a painful facet joint. The facet joints are the joints between the vertebrae in the spine. They allow the spine to bend, flex and twist.


    • Microdiscectomy
      This minimally-invasive procedure is performed through a tubular device. It is designed to relieve pain caused by herniated discs pressing on nerve roots. This surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, which allows the patient to leave the hospital the same day.


    • Spinal Decompression
      This minimally invasive procedure is used to remove overgrown vertebral bone and soft tissue to relieve the compression of nerve roots in the lumbar spine. It is performed through a small incision on the back.


  • Spinal Fusion
    In many spinal surgeries, two or more vertebral bones are permanently joined with a technique called “spinal fusion.” A fusion creates a solid mass of bone. It stabilizes your spine.