Direct Visualized Rhizotomy Surgery

Two minimally invasive spine surgery options to consider

Two minimally invasive spine surgery options to consider 1000 615 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Surgery is rarely the first choice for treating spinal injuries and conditions. However, spinal issues can also progress to the point where surgery is the best option. If you’ve been told you need surgery, there are two minimally invasive spine surgeries that may be able to help you. 

  1. Direct visualized rhizotomy

Arthritis in the facet joints of the spine is one common cause of back pain, and this type of arthritis is progressive. This means that noninvasive treatments like physical therapy may not work after a while. However, facet joint arthritis can be treated using a minimally invasive spine surgery called direct visualized rhizotomy (DVR). 

This procedure is performed using a small incision, and a small, flexible wire with a lighted camera on the end, or endoscope, is used to provide a real-time image of the operation site. Using special tools, DVR cuts the nerve root branches that are sending pain signals from the arthritic joint to the brain. Once the root is cut, most patients feel a significant reduction in pain.

2.   Microdiscectomy

Another minimally invasive spine surgery you should consider for treating back pain is a microdiscectomy. This surgery is designed to relieve pressure being placed on nerves by herniated discs. Discs are the pillowlike structures between your vertebrae, and when their outer shell is damaged, the gel-like material inside can poke out, or herniate. 

The herniated material can be removed with microdiscectomy. This involves the use of a tubular retractor, and this tool moves the muscles aside so the herniated material can be removed. By using the tubular retractor, the muscles don’t have to be cut, and the reduced amount of soft tissue damage means this surgery can be much easier to recover from. In fact, the procedure is often done on an outpatient basis. 

Phoenix Spine & Joint offers several minimally invasive spine surgery options

If you’ve been told you need spine surgery and that your only option is traditional surgery, Phoenix Spine & Joint is here to help. Our experienced team can help you get a second opinion and find many forms of minimally invasive surgery for the spine. For instance, we offer minimally invasive procedures such as:

We can also help you find greater peace of mind going into your surgery thanks to our nearly 0% post-surgical infection rate and our 99% patient satisfaction rating. 

Are you ready to take the next step to find relief from your back pain? Contact one of our care specialists today for more information or to schedule a free second opinion.