Types of Knee Replacement for Arthritis

Two types of knee replacement used for treating arthritis

Two types of knee replacement used for treating arthritis 1000 668 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Surgery isn’t typically the first treatment option used when treating knee arthritis. In many cases, noninvasive options are tried first, and such options include pain medication and physical therapy. Since arthritis is a progressive condition, there may come a time when noninvasive treatments are no longer able to reduce your pain. At this point, you may be asked to consider two types of knee replacement for treating your arthritis. 

  1. Partial knee replacement

One type of knee replacement designed to treat knee arthritis is a partial knee replacement. In this procedure, only the part of the knee that has been damaged by arthritis is removed. It’s then replaced with an artificial implant. Both the removal and replacement steps can be performed using robotic assistance tools, and this helps ensure a more precise implant fit. 

This procedure is also designed to offer several other advantages. For one thing, it’s much less invasive since only part of the knee is being replaced. It may also have a shorter recovery time than other knee replacement procedures for the same reason. It affects fewer ligaments and muscles around the knee joint, and this means that your knee may have better post-surgery stability. 

2.   Total knee replacement

For patients whose entire knee joint has been damaged, total knee replacement may be the better option for treating their arthritis. This procedure typically removes damaged bone from the end of the femur and tibia, and it also removes damaged knee cartilage. The damaged bone ends are replaced with artificial implants, and a plastic spacer takes the place of the cartilage. Robotic assistance can also be used in this procedure. 

Get a second opinion about knee replacement for arthritis from Phoenix Spine & Joint

If you’ve been told that a traditional knee replacement is the only option, you need to consider getting a second opinion. Phoenix Spine & Joint is ready to help you find a better class of knee replacement for your arthritis. We’ve helped thousands of patients with our minimally invasive partial and total knee replacement procedures, and these surgeries are designed to offer benefits like: 

  • Reduced knee pain
  • Shorter recovery times
  • More natural post-surgery joint motion
  • Improved quality of life

Our team intends to do all we can to reduce your risk of post-surgical infection, and our nearly 0% post-surgical infection rate shows how successful we’ve been with our past patients. We’re also proud to have a patient satisfaction rating of 99%. 

Are you ready to take the next step to find relief from the pain of knee arthritis? Contact one of our care specialists today for more information or to schedule a free second opinion.