What are the benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery?

What are the benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery? 150 150 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Hip replacement surgery can be an invasive procedure, which is why doctors try noninvasive methods for hip pain first. Usually, doctors will begin to treat hip pain with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, stem cell derived growth factor injection, or therapy. However, these methods don’t work in every case of hip pain. In these cases, a hip replacement surgery may be the best treatment option.

Fortunately, hip surgery doesn’t have to be too invasive. Medical advancements have led to a less invasive hip replacement surgery option called anterior hip replacement surgery.

What is anterior hip replacement surgery?

Anterior hip replacement surgery is a procedure that aims to remove damaged cartilage, tissue and bone surface from your hip joint and to replace them with an artificial joint. This can help reduce pain from osteoarthritis, hip fractures and other conditions that cause chronic hip pain and immobility.

Anterior hip replacement surgery is minimally invasive because it approaches the hip from the front rather than the rear. Approaching the hip from the front eliminates the need to cut through muscles and other soft tissues to get to the hip joint. However, the procedure is more difficult to perform, so it’s not as common as traditional posterior hip replacement surgery.

Why would you want to choose anterior hip replacement surgery?

If your doctor recommends hip replacement surgery, there are many reasons you should look for a surgeon who can perform anterior hip replacement surgery instead of posterior, including:

  • It’s less invasive — Cutting through the muscles in a traditional procedure is the main reason the surgery requires a lot of time for recovery. Eliminating this part of the surgery in an anterior procedure spares your body the additional trauma.
  • It’s less painful — Some pain and discomfort is a normal part of recovering from surgery. However, by not cutting the muscles, you should have less pain in an anterior hip replacement surgery than you would in traditional hip replacement surgery.
  • It improves your recovery —People who have anterior hip replacement surgery can go home after surgery, avoiding the hospital stays required for those who have posterior hip replacement surgery. They also tend to regain use of their hip faster.

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