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What conditions can be treated with minimally invasive hip replacement surgery?

What conditions can be treated with minimally invasive hip replacement surgery? 1000 667 Phoenix Spine & Joint

If you’re suffering from chronic or severe hip pain, you should visit a healthcare professional for treatment. Many cases of hip pain are treatable with noninvasive methods, especially if they’re caught early. However, sometimes hip pain requires hip replacement surgery for treatment.

Hip replacement surgery may sound intimidating because it’s usually painful and takes a long time for recovery. However, skilled surgeons can perform anterior hip replacement surgery, which is a minimally invasive hip surgery option. There are many benefits to anterior hip replacement surgery over traditional hip replacement surgery, including:

  • Reduced damage to muscles
  • Less pain during recovery
  • Shorter recovery times
  • High success rates
  • Avoid hospitalization

What can you treat with anterior hip replacement surgery?

So, now that you know anterior hip replacement surgery is a preferable option to traditional hip replacement surgery, you’re probably wondering what conditions it can treat. At Phoenix Spine & Joint, we can treat many causes of hip pain with anterior hip replacement surgery, including:

  • Osteoarthritis — Osteoarthritis is the most common reason people need anterior hip replacement surgery. This condition causes the cartilage in your hip joint to break down and create pain and difficulty moving. Noninvasive methods like physical therapy and medication can treat osteoarthritis, but as it advances, surgery may be necessary.
  • Hip fractures — It’s not always possible for the hip to heal properly from severe fractures. Hip replacement surgery may be the best treatment option in these cases.
  • Bone tumors and disease — Bone tumors and other diseases may damage the bones and cartilage, which creates the need to replace your hip with an artificial joint.
  • Osteonecrosis — Osteonecrosis is a rare condition that causes bone tissue to die due to lack of blood. When this happens, an artificial joint may be necessary to replace the deceased bone tissue in your hip.

Anterior hip replacement surgery is not for everybody. People who are overweight or have an infection are not be good candidates for this procedure. At Phoenix Spine & Joint, we can review your condition to determine if the anterior approach is best for you.

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Our surgeons at Phoenix Spine & Joint have safely performed hundreds of anterior hip replacement surgeries in our facilities that have a near zero percent infection rate. Are you ready to get help for your chronic hip pain? If you have been told you may need hip replacement surgery, contact our team today to ask us any questions you may have about anterior hip replacement surgery or to schedule your free second opinion.