What is arthroscopy

What Is Arthroscopy?

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What is arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a broad term in orthopedic surgery that involves using a piece of equipment, called an arthroscope, to see the inside of joints without the need for a large and invasive procedure. The term is derived from the Greek words “arthro,” or “joint,” and “skopein,” which means “to look.” So, arthroscopy basically translates to “looking in a joint.” Arthroscopy can be used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes, and at Phoenix Spine and Joint, it plays a key role in our ability to perform ultra-minimally invasive surgery.

An arthroscope is a thin, pencil-like instrument that includes a microscopic camera and lighting. Because of its small size and flexibility, an arthroscope can be inserted through a very small incision. From a diagnostic standpoint, while X-rays and MRIs can allow for a noninvasive view of the interior of the body, there is often detail that they can’t reveal. To determine the full extent of an injury or disease affecting a joint, surgeons can now use arthroscopy to get a better view.

Benefits of arthroscopy surgery

At Phoenix Spine and Joint, we perform arthroscopic surgeries to treat knee, hip and shoulder injuries. Because an arthroscope requires a smaller incision than traditional surgical tools, our patients can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Surgery performed in an outpatient setting
  • 99% patient satisfaction score

Nearly 0% infection rate

  • Faster recovery time

Our patients regularly experience positive outcomes from our arthroscopy surgery. Read through some of the patient success stories to find out why our procedures have a 99% patient satisfaction score.

Types of arthroscopic surgery

An arthroscope can be used in the following types of minimally invasive surgeries:

  • Knee arthroscopy – During this procedure, the surgeon can remove loose bodies, clean out damaged cartilage or a torn meniscus, or drain and remove a Baker’s Cyst. Complete ACL tears with instability are fixed or replaced through the arthroscope, as well. The torn ACL is replaced using either a piece of your own tendon or one from a cadaver donation. After the procedure, weeks of rehabilitation are necessary to get you back in the game.
  • Hip arthroscopy – Your surgeon will use the arthroscope to clean out damaged cartilage or repair a torn labrum. The procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes. Hip replacement surgery is available if necessary.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy – An arthroscope is used to repair a torn ligament or remove damaged cartilage near the shoulder joint that is causing nerve compression and limiting movement.

Typically, an arthroscopic procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes. Most patients recover in a few days and are back to normal activity within a week.

Get a free second opinion

We take the time to educate each patient about the types of arthroscopy surgery available, so you can make an informed decision about your medical needs. Our team can help you schedule a free second opinion with one of our surgeons where you can ask all of your questions via video conference.

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