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What is the best hip replacement procedure?

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Total hip replacement has been used to treat arthritic or damaged hip joints that are causing pain. However, there may be some people out there asking, “What is the best hip replacement technique?” Our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint is ready to help you find out.

Why is anterior hip replacement the best procedure for you?

At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our team offers an anterior hip replacement that may be the best procedure for you. We think this procedure is the best because it offers so many benefits to our patients.

One benefit anterior hip replacement offers is less tissue damage. Traditional hip replacement surgeries use a posterior approach that accesses the hip joint from the rear. However, this approach requires the cutting of several muscles and tendons to reach the hip joint. With our anterior approach, the hip joint is accessed from the front, and your muscles and tendons don’t typically need to be cut. Instead, our surgical team is commonly able to gently move them aside to avoid damaging them.

Another benefit offered by our anterior hip replacement procedure is that it can frequently be done as an outpatient procedure. One reason for this is there is less repair work required to close your incision since no muscles and tendons are being cut. The anterior approach we use also allows our surgeons to get a better view of the hip joint that allows them to work more efficiently.

Other benefits the anterior hip replacement procedure from Phoenix Spine & Joint may offer are:

  • Less blood loss
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less post-surgical pain

Furthermore, you’ll get the benefit of a reduced risk of post-surgery infection, and this is because our team has a nearly zero percent post-surgical infection rate.

Find out if minimally invasive anterior hip replacement from Phoenix Spine & Joint is best for you

If you know you need a hip replacement, we encourage you to find out if anterior hip replacement from Phoenix Spine & Joint is the best option for reducing your pain. We’re also happy to give you a free second opinion if other types of total hip replacement have been prescribed for you.

Contact one of our patient care coordinators today for more information or to schedule a free second opinion.