Second Opinion on Spinal Fusion

Why you should get a second opinion on spinal fusion

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Spinal fusion is a type of back surgery that can be used to reduce back pain in some patients. It’s also a major surgery that comes with certain risks. At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our health care team recommends you seek a second opinion if your doctor is recommending spinal fusion.

Reasons you should get a second opinion on spinal fusion

In the past, spinal fusion was one of the only procedures available to help people with chronic back pain. However, there are many reasons you should consider getting a second opinion about spinal fusion if it has been prescribed for you today.

One reason is that many issues that cause back pain will actually heal on their own. For instance, herniated discs will often repair themselves in just a few weeks. Also, there are noninvasive options that can help boost healing in your back. Physical therapy is one of these options, and pain medications are a second option that’s often used.

Another reason you should consider a second opinion is there are procedures used for certain kinds of back pain that are much less invasive than spinal fusion. For example, spinal fusion was used to reduce pain caused by arthritic facet joints.

Facet joints are one of the structures that allow your spine to bend and flex the way it does. However, like all joints, facet joints are vulnerable to osteoarthritis that can damage and inflame them. This causes joint pain that can become chronic. To treat this pain, our Phoenix Spine & Joint team can use a procedure called direct visualized rhizotomy (DVR).

In this procedure, a small incision is made above the painful joint, and a tube called an endoscope is inserted. The pain fibers running to this joint are then cut to remove the source of back pain. DVR takes a very short amount of time, and it’s an outpatient procedure that has most patients back at work the next day.

Are you ready to get a second opinion about spinal fusion?

If you’re looking for a second opinion on spinal fusion, look no further than our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint. We offer many types of minimally invasive treatments that may be a better fit for you than spinal fusion. However, even if you are a patient who needs a spinal fusion, our surgical team can perform a minimally invasive spinal fusion procedure for you. This surgery may reduce both your pain and your recovery time.

Contact one of our patient care coordinators today for more information or to schedule a free second opinion.