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Getting an anterior hip replacement second opinion

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Second opinions are often sought by patients considering total hip replacement and other surgeries. In fact, getting an anterior hip replacement second opinion may be helpful to you for several reasons.

When should you seek an anterior hip replacement second opinion?

Anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgery used to totally replace hip joints. If you are considering a total hip replacement, you should consider an anterior hip replacement second opinion in several situations.

One time you should consider a second opinion is when your surgeon only offers traditional hip replacement surgery. While it has helped many people, traditional surgery may not be the best option for you. For instance, it’s typically performed by making an incision at the back of the hip joint, which is also called the posterior approach.

One issue with taking this approach is that there is often more tissue damaged during this type of surgery. In fact, muscles and tendons must often be cut or detached in order to access the hip joint from the rear. However, an anterior hip replacement is done by making an incision at the front of the hip joint. The anterior approach is usually less invasive and causes less tissue damage, and this is because muscles and tendons can be gently held out of the way and don’t have to be cut.

Even if your surgeon is recommending an anterior hip replacement, you may still want another opinion if you aren’t sure this type of surgery is right for you. Anterior hip surgery isn’t the best choice for every patient. In fact, there are some patients who may require other forms of hip replacement. For instance, patients with hip infections may not be a good candidate for anterior hip replacement. Also, patients who are struggling with obesity might want to consider other total hip replacement options.

Phoenix Spine & Joint offers second opinions for anterior hip replacement

At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our team is highly experienced with anterior hip replacement, and our experience allows us to give an informed second opinion about this type of surgery. We’d also be happy to help you achieve the benefits offered by anterior hip replacement if it is right for you.
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