How Painful is a Knee Replacement?

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Pain can be a limiting factor for many people before they even decide to do knee replacement surgery.
So what type of pain can patients expect?
There is normal, noticeable pain following a knee replacement. The pain, however, should be covered by the medication prescribed after surgery. If the pain medication provided doesn’t cover it, it would be considered abnormal. Many patients are able undergo this procedure and get appropriate relief with the once-a-day anti-inflammatory medication (prescription strength) provided. In conjunction with Tylenol arthritis (high dose Tylenol) receive a baseline pain relief. A 7 day supply narcotic medication is then prescribed to use as needed.
What if patients experience significant pain in the following weeks after surgery?
Patients should discuss their pain with their doctor if it persists weeks after surgery and anti-inflammatory medication does not provide relief. It could be a sign of an underlying infection or scar tissue that’s forming faster than prohibiting your range of motion. Although rare, Dr. Moore suggests to be reevaluated if there is a significant amount of pain after surgery.
Following a knee replacement, 80% of patients have complete pain relief within one to three months.
Generally, 15% of patients have residual low lying pain, aching for up to a year. However, at this one year mark, as the entire healing process is completed, the individuals convert into a total pain free knee.
Some 5% of patients have residual pain after a knee replacement. Past the point of total healing, the pain coming from another source and Dr. Moore recommends exploring other alternatives with your physician.