How To know When It’s Time For a Knee Replacement

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What are the signs that knee replacement surgery is inevitable?
At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our knee procedures are primarily designed to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. As we age, the protective layer of cartilage that allows for smooth motion between the knee joints begins to wear out. The increased bone-on-bone contact leads to inflammation, aches and stiffness that can be painful and limiting to the performance of basic activities.
While it may be natural to want to avoid knee surgery for arthritis and other issues, there can be negative consequences to putting it off if it has been determined to be the best course of action.
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nathan Moore explains that a patient should consider knee replacement surgery when their knee and their knee pain has begun to run their life. They make decisions based off their knee pain, like vacations they are unable to go on, or playing with their grandchildren. When the “I cant’s” keep adding up, it’s time for surgery.