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Our Arizona surgery center offers partial knee replacement

Our Arizona surgery center offers partial knee replacement 430 460 Phoenix Spine & Joint

If you’ve been recommended for knee replacement surgery, take a moment to understand your options before deciding on which procedure is right for you. Our patients are always raving about partial knee replacement. It’s safer, easier, and often produces better results. Doctors all over the US are seeing the same thing: only 70% of patients who have total knee replacement are satisfied with their surgery, while 95% of patients who have partial knee replacement are satisfied.

What is partial knee replacement?

A partial knee replacement is different from a total knee replacement because only the damaged area of the knee joint is replaced. This is helpful for patients who have osteoarthritis that affects only one area of their knee. Partial knee replacements also offer several advantages over total knee replacement for eligible patients.

Partial knee replacements are less invasive because only one part of the knee joint is being replaced. These procedures typically also have less blood loss, and they often allow patients to recover normal knee motion more rapidly because they spare more knee ligaments.

Robotic assistance is the key to partial knee replacements

Why doesn’t your surgeon do partial knee replacements? You can’t do a great partial knee replacement without robotic assistance, and many surgeons were not trained with this most modern tool.

Any type of joint replacement surgery is a big deal, but finding surgeons who have the appropriate tools and are experienced with the procedure are the keys to getting the customization and good results you’re searching for. At Phoenix Spine & Joint, our surgeons have the very best tools at their disposal, and one tool that allows us to customize partial knee replacements is the Robotic System.

The Robotic System allows our team to customize your surgery in several ways. It provides a computer model of the knee that’s being replaced, to allow your surgeon to perfectly size the implant for the best function in your knee. Robotic assistance also makes your surgeon more accurate as he drills off the bad bone, making a tighter fit.

The second key to customized partial knee replacements is experience, and our team at Phoenix Spine & Joint has a high level of experience. We’ve successfully completed many partial knee replacements over the years, and we’ve become familiar with the tools and procedures necessary to provide you with customized results designed to reduce your knee pain and improve your mobility.

Phoenix Spine & Joint offers a robotic partial knee replacement

Total knee replacements aren’t always required for patients with osteoarthritis damage to part of their knee joint. However, you may have been told you need a total knee replacement even though you fall into this category. If you’d like to get a second opinion about your knee replacement surgery, consider getting in touch with the only team in Arizona that offers customized partial knee replacements: Phoenix Spine & Joint.

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