Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Success Rate

What’s the success rate of minimally invasive spinal fusion?

What’s the success rate of minimally invasive spinal fusion? 1024 683 Phoenix Spine & Joint

Spinal fusion is a well-established way to treat some forms of back pain. However, you may be wondering what the success rate of minimally invasive spinal fusion is if you need this type of surgery.

What is minimally invasive spinal fusion?

Minimally invasive spinal fusion is an updated form of spinal fusion surgery, and we offer it here at Phoenix Spine & Joint. It’s characterized by several distinct features. For one thing, it uses smaller incisions than traditional spinal fusion. It also incorporates techniques designed to leave muscle tissue intact when possible. By using this type of surgery, our surgeons are usually able to avoid detaching tendons from bone. In the grand scheme of things, minimally invasive spinal fusion may help reduce the trauma of surgery and shorten your recovery time.

Factors that may affect the success rate of minimally invasive spinal fusion

The success rate for minimally invasive spinal fusion is generally quite high. In fact, a study published by the National Institutes of Health reported that outcomes for this surgery were excellent, even in cases where the patient was over 65-years-old.

However, there are some factors that may affect the success of spinal fusion surgeries. For one thing, the success of any surgery is often dependent on the patient themselves. In fact, patients who follow the post-surgical instructions of their doctor have a higher likelihood of recovering successfully than those who don’t. Also, unforeseen issues like post-surgical infections may also affect the success of surgeries.

Minimally invasive spinal surgeries from our Phoenix Spine & Joint team have a very high success rate. In fact, our patients have given us a 99 percent satisfaction rating. Furthermore, our team is proud of the fact that we have an almost zero percent post-surgical infection rate. Both of these facts mean there’s a high chance your procedure will be successful when it’s done by our amazing team of professionals.

How can you get minimally invasive spinal fusion with a high success rate at Phoenix Spine & Joint?

Now that you know about the high success rate of minimally invasive spinal fusion surgeries here at Phoenix Spine & Joint, you may be wondering how you can get started. Fortunately, our team makes it easy for you to find out more about our services. All you’ll have to do is take one easy initial step to get started.

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